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Ingredient Warnings


Regarding Dairy:

Although the solid dark chocolate items do not contain any dairy ingredients, they are processed on shared dairy equipment for the milk chocolate items. Therefore, I do not consider the solid dark chocolate items to be truly dairy free.
ALSO NOTE INGREDIENT CHANGE FOR DARK JOSIES:  Dark chocolate (chocolate liquor, sugar, milkfat, cocoa butter, soy lecithin added as an emulsifier, vanilla), sugar, artificial color (FD & C blue no. 1, blue no. 1 lake, yellow no. 5, yellow no. 5 lake, yellow no. 6 lake, red no. 40, red no. 40 lake, sorbitol , titanium dioxide, phosphoric acid, methyl and propyl parabens) corn syrup, wax, and dextrin. CONTAINS MILK AND SOY
Regarding Eggs:
Some of the products do contain egg ingredients. For example, the orange-apricot truffles, orange creams, raspberry creams, fudge and candy corn all contain eggs or egg products as an ingredient. All of the other filled (boxed) chocolates as well as the mini twist pretzels are processed on the same equipment.   All of the solid chocolate items, in both milk chocolate and dark chocolate, are processed on different equipment than is used for the egg containing chocolates. Our solid chocolate items include the chocolate bars, pops, coins, drops, chips, bugs and holiday novelty items.
Regarding Soy:
All of the products contain soy lecithin as an ingredient. The kitchen does make a product, not sold by Huey's, that contains roasted soybeans as an ingredient. This product is made and packaged in a different area of the production facility. It has its own HVAC system and the food is packaged before storage and shipping.
Regarding Coconut or Sesame:
No products contain coconut or sesame.
Regarding Barley:
The Josie's may contain traces of barley malt.


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