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 What a hoot!  


7 Fall Leaves that you don't have to rake!  @ 2 ounces


Perfect for a treat at showers, weddings or birthdays. Dark, milk or white chocolate.


A little taste of heaven in white, milk and dark chocolate!



3 ounces (@12 pieces) of coins in milk, dark or assorted.


Score one for the team with a chocolate puck!




Rev up your taste buds for a tasty ride.


 What's a party without a noisemaker?!  

10 per bag - individually foil wrapped.


Hockey Player Pop, Goalie Pop and Hockey Puck - everyone but the Ref in white, dark or milk chocolate!


The no-nutscracker's sweet!


9 cats to an order - one for each life!


Chocolate bugs for those who don't mind getting their hands dirty.


Who says money doesn't buy happiness?!


For those little boys and girls who love to explore nature!


A bouquet of flowers is sure to brighten any day.


Combining dogs and chocolate - two things that make every day better!


Great tasting with an ice cold glass of milk!


This little piggy went to Huey's and picked up eight of his friends.


This school of fish makes a smart gift or treat!


A treasure chest of chocolate! (3 oz.)


For those with imaginitive hearts!

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