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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do you offer any dairy free products?

A: Although the solid dark chocolate items do not contain any dairy ingredients, they are processed on shared dairy equipment for the milk chocolate items. Therefore, I do not consider the solid dark chocolate items to be truly dairy free.
Q: Are there any eggs in your products?
A: Some of the products do contain egg ingredients. For example, the orange-apricot truffles, orange creams, raspberry creams, and fudge all contain eggs or egg products as an ingredient. All of the other filled (boxed) chocolates as well as the mini twist pretzels are processed on the same equipment. All of the solid chocolate items, in both milk chocolate and dark chocolate, are processed on different equipment than is used for the egg containing chocolates. Our solid chocolate items include the chocolate bars, pops, coins, drops, chips, bugs and holiday novelty items.
Q: What is the shelf life of your products?
A: The truffles have the shortest shelf life of 3-4 weeks at room temperature. This can be doubled by refrigeration and they can be frozen for up to six months. You will need to be careful about moisture if you put the chocolates in a refrigerator or freezer. You should wrap the package in aluminum foil before sealing it in 2 separate closed plastic bags. When you remove the foiled double bagged package from the refrigerator or freezer, be sure to let the whole package come to room temperature before unwrapping it. The creams and caramels will last for 3 to 4 months at room temperature. Any of our solid chocolate items will last for one year at room temperature. The chocolates should be stored in your pantry away from sunlight and direct heat sources. For ultimate taste and flavor, I recommend that you order regularly and consume your chocolate within a couple of weeks of receipt. 
Q: Do your products contain soy?

A: All of the products contain soy lecithin as an ingredient. One product, which is not yet available to Huey's customers, is made in the kitchen and contains roasted soybeans as an ingredient. This product is currently processed in the candy kitchen where the filled chocolates, fudge, peppermint crunch bark and mini twist pretzels are processed. However, this item does not come in contact with the solid milk, solid dark, crispy, Josie's or Tillie Beans.

Q: Are any of your products Kosher certified?
A: No.
Q: Can your chocolate be melted down and used for molding?
A: All of the chocolate is real and requires tempering in order to get good results.
Q: Do you make anything that contains coconut or sesame?
A: No.
Q: Do you ship your chocolates outside of the U.S.A.?
A: Yes. We can ship products all over the World. Shipping charges outside of the U.S. and Canada are calculated on a case by case basis based on shipping weight, destination Country and level of delivery service desired.
Q:  Do you have a store in Minnesota?
A: No.  At the present time, we are an internet based business only.
For additional inquiries please e-mail or call us at 612-801-4473.


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